Anterior cervical plate is a medical device used to stabilize the spine after the surgery. Basically, the anterior cervical plates are used for the interior fixation of the cervical spine and stabilization of the neck with the help of plates. This plate helps in faster recovery and reliable stability to the spine and neck. It is a surgical instrument ideal for patients with cervical disc disease. Various sizes of surgical plates are screws are available for the bone surgeries. The use of anterior cervical plate is a convenient and faster way of recovery of spinal bones. Generally, these anterior cervical plates are made up of titanium alloy. Thus, they are strong. We have a promising range of anterior cervical plates for both temporary and permanent internal fixation or fusion of the spinal bones. Furthermore, they are used for degenerative diseases of intervertrebral disk, deformities, spondylolisthesis and other bone related surgeries. Anterior cervical plates are highly appreciated in medical applications for stability and faster recovery.


  • Available in length : 21 mm to 70 mm (2-2 Difference)
  • Available in titanium